PPG MagicBox™

Making mixing rooms smart

Making mixing rooms smart

The PPG MagicBox smart device eliminates the need for specialized computers in the mixing room by delivering a body shop assistant, connectable to new and existing USB scales.


  • Made of resistant materials that can handle industrial environments
  • Senses environmental conditions of body shops
  • Web solution connects to scale wirelessly
  • Connects to the PPG LINQ digital ecosystem tools


  • Faster processes - Connect basic scales into the next generation with the PPG MagicBox wireless device. Send jobs to the scale through PPG MagicBox, from PPG LINQ Color software, to complete the mix quickly without the need for a separate large PC.
  • Smart mixing rooms - PPG MagicBox will monitor the environmental conditions in the mixing room, as it is equipped with sensors that automatically detect humidity, temperature, and pressure.
  • Safer - PPG MagicBox is robust, industrial grade and explosion-proof, making it safer for the painter.
  • Convenient size - PPG MagicBox, though small in size, is made of tough, resistant materials that can handle industrial environments. It gives more space on the mixing table and allows for less clutter and wires on the workstation, making it the perfect body shop assistant.

All ecosystems evolve…

New products coming soon to the PPG LINQ Digital Ecosystem. Stay tuned.

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