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PPG LINQ™ Ecosystem

PPG goes beyond paint. Our revolutionary industry-leading connectivity platform has been exclusively designed to completely transform refinish customer experience, partner relationships and internal body shop operations. With PPG LINQ, painters can modernize their repair processes using the cloud-based platform and its interconnected digital hardware, software and innovative services.

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PPG VisualizID™

Exceptional Color Visualization Technology
Advanced 3D visualization finds the best color match, quickly and easily.

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PPG DigiMatch™

Advanced Color Matching Tool
Revolutionary multi-angle color camera helps body shops big and small match color easier and faster.

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PPG MagicBox™

Mixing Made Magic
Achieve a smart and safer wireless mixing room with this small, but powerful device.

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Confidence in Color Selection
Cloud-based digital software for easily identifying the best color.

Introducing PPG MagicBox and PPG LINQ Color

PPG MagicBox reads temperature and humidity in the room. Then, connected wirelessly with PPG LINQ Color software, it recommends the correct thinners, hardeners and ratios to be used. These innovative tools from PPG will revolutionize the mixing and color selection process on your next repair.

Introducing PPG DigiMatch and PPG VisualizID

The advanced, 3D rendering from PPG VisualizID software, paired with the compact and fast PPG DigiMatch spectro, are certain to make your next project a success.

All ecosystems evolve…

New products coming soon to the PPG LINQ Digital Ecosystem. Stay tuned.

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