Confidence in color selection

Color search anytime, anywhere

The cloud-based digital color software delivers unprecedented improvements during the entire process of identifying the right color for a repair. It enables mixing through a variety of connected and wireless dispensing solutions, including PPG MagicBox - a small, but powerful device that connects to scales and communicates environmental conditions in mixing rooms and receives formulas direct from PPG LINQ Color.


  • Existing PCs and PPG spectrophotometers and scales are compatible
  • No installation required
  • Rapid search response with cloud computing and PPG's proprietary algorithm
  • No training required with PPG's new user interface
  • Communicate with spectrophotometers wirelessly and send formulas to scales via PPG MagicBox without a PC
  • Accessible from any connected device and optimized for mobile and tablet
  • Technical issues resolved by experienced remote helpdesk


  • Immediate results - Find your color match anytime, anywhere. You can access PPG LINQ Color from any internet-capable device as it is an optimized cloud-based solution.
  • Time savings - Save time with PPG LINQ Color's rapid search response, thanks to the power of cloud computing and PPG's proprietary algorithm.
  • Direct wireless connectivity - Clear up space in your mixing room with PPG LINQ Color. The system allows users to communicate with their spectrophotometers wirelessly, as well as connect to scales without the need for a PC via PPG MagicBox - a small device that links directly to scales and receives formulas from PPG LINQ Color.
  • Live information - PPG LINQ Color's live update and backup system gets you the latest information. There’s no need for manual software updates with PPG’s new formulas available right away and you can save data, customer formulas and information to the cloud.

All ecosystems evolve…

New products coming soon to the PPG LINQ Digital Ecosystem. Stay tuned.

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